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About Us

Our Mission


 Credit health is important to us and that's why it is our mission to not only restore credit but also equip our clients with the necessary tools and resources to understand their credit report and score. Through our Client Club, members have access to numerous online learning courses. Our web based learning courses supply the knowledge to our clients that will help maintain their credit and/or restore their own credit if need be, although we are only one call away. 

Our Approach


 Lawson Financial Consultants LLC has dedicated its time and resources to assisting our clients in reaching the financial success of their dreams through credit restoration. Our team is committed to ensuring the accuracy of the consumer credit report. Did you know that about 80% of credit reports contain some errors and some of those errors may be no fault of the consumer? LFC ensures inaccurate and unverifiable information on the consumer report is removed.   

Why Us?

Lawson Financial Consultants Team

 Our CCA Board Certified Consultants are experienced in credit restoration with a wealth of knowledge from taking a myriad of classes, training courses, and certifications. Our team are experts at helping you reach your credit goals.